911 Regional Consolidation

Lake County is helping lead a collaborative effort with public safety partners from across the county to explore opportunities to consolidate many 911 centers into a few regional 911 centers to improve quality, efficiency, and provide cost savings. 


In 2013, the Lake County Emergency Telephone Systems Board (ETSB) commissioned a study to explore options for a consolidated 911 public safety call-taking model. In 2015, the Lake County 911 Emergency Dispatch Task Force was established to guide a study tasked with collecting data and reporting findings about specific emergency response agencies, technology, and infrastructure.

Proposed PSAP Locations Under Semi-Consolidated Model

Proposed PSAP Locations Under Consolidated Model

911 Regional Consolidation Study

Lake County leaders, including mayors, village managers, police and fire chiefs met to discuss the findings of the 911 Regional Consolidation Study (PDF) led by Lake County and the Lake County ETSB. 


The study provides a framework for interested communities to collaborate to enhance the quality of service, provide greater efficiency, and lower cost. The study compared the current state of 911 services in Lake County and provided two models for consolidation:

Staffing and Cost Savings - Current, Semi-Consolidated, and Fully-Consolidated Models

  Current State Semi-Consolidated Model Fully-Consolidated Model
Full-Time Employees 233.4
 • 13 Management/                Support
• 220.5 Operational
• 20 Management/          Support
• 208 Operational
• 20 Management/                  Support
• 172 Operational
Number of Facilities 20 9 2
Cost Savings - $400,000+ $2,300,000+

Next Steps

Community leaders and public safety stakeholders met in May to get information about the study and ask questions. The next step is for communities to discuss the study findings and consider/decide how they want to move forward. 

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